MTV – Rock Gol de Segunda

Direction, Design and Animation, 2007
     Rockgol was a humorous roundtable, broadcasted by MTV Brazil and presented by Paulo Bonfá (radio host) and Marco Bianchi (humorist). The name is derived from the tv’s annual soccer championship played by musicians. The pilot came to the World Cup in 2002 and debuted the following year on sundays with the name of Rockgol de Domingo and one hour duration. In 2007, relocated to monday nights, was aired as Rockgol de Segunda. The inspiration came from Goofy’s sports series, where the same “actor” plays different characters, and old school button football.
Client MTV Brasil
Head Promo/
Rodrigo Pimenta
Production Company MTV Brasil
Director Diogo Kalil
Photographer Marcelo Zocchio
Art Assistant Tim Ernani
Sound Design Arthur Joly